Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Internet Marketing For Small Businesses

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Comdatia was created to help small businesses with their internet marketing so that they can use the power of online marketing to grow and develop their business. Small businesses make up the lifeblood of the Australian economy with 4.7 million people employed by small businesses.

Employment by small businesses makes their success crucial to the economy.

Why is Internet Marketing so Important for Small Business

With the internet becoming an ever increasing part of everyday life more and more people are turning there to find products and services. In the past the go-to place for finding local businesses was the Yellow Pages, however, now 97% of consumers will research their purchase online using sites such as Google to find information and reviews to help them make their purchasing decisions.

Are you Getting Found by Potential Customers?

Small businesses want to improve their online marketing should start with an attractive and effective website as this is your digital storefront. Like a traditional storefront, your website represents your business, so if you have a website that looks like it is from the 1990’s or has outdated information then it is like having a storefront that looks dirty or has faded signs and peeling paint. That is going to communicate the wrong message to potential customers.

An Attractive Website is Just the Beginning

With internet marketing it is highly important to have an attractive website however just having a website is not enough. Like a storefront, you have to make sure that it is in the right position so that potential customers can find you, unlike a traditional storefront a digital storefront can easily be moved to where the potential customer that you want can find you. This can be achieved through Search Engine Optimisation which is also known as SEO.

Search Engines are the Starting Point for Consumers!

When done properly SEO is about ensuring that your website is user-friendly and appealing to the search engines. Appealing to search engines like Google entails a wide variety of factors and can be very complicated but very useful when good results are achieved as you can become the first place that they look for their next purchase if you are on the first page of results for the search they perform.

Why Use Us?



Having an understanding of all areas of your business is important to success. That is why we do not just tell you what you need to do and then go and do your internet marketing. We work with you making sure that you understand what can be done to improve your online presence.


Customer Focused

Comdatia was created with the foundation of focusing on the customer and their success; we believe that we succeed when you succeed and so will work with you to ensure that happens


Quality Education, Resources & Services

Your business is your lively hood and we understand that so we want to ensure that the education, resources and services that we provide you are of the highest quality and following best practice as we are not interested in short-term wins that sacrifice the long-term. We want you and your business to win now and into the future.

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